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 Guide on How to Re Skin Peds

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PostSubject: Guide on How to Re Skin Peds   Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:16 pm

Tools needed:
zModler or anything like that
Img tools
txd workshop

Alright so you got your tools that you need to mod but don't know HOW to start off eh. Well what i did was i:

FIRST: Open img tool and look for a ped to re skin it, so i choose sfr3 cause he is the skin that i am using. i searched for it through img tool and got both the .dff and .txd and i export it and saved it the file under my documents (( Or where ever you want to save it at )) then close img tool.

SECOND: open txd workshop and look for your ped's .txd file ((The one that you saved just now from step 1)) you open the file by going to: File\open\what ever folder you put the txd file and open the txd file. then once you see the picture of the ped, you export it using the txd shop and save it under what ever folder you want to save it then close the txd workshop.

THIRD: open the zModler and wait for it to load up...Once it is finish you be like wtf is this. Dont freak out. its easy. First you got to do is go to the paper that has a blue arrow on it ((which is at the top right below where it says FILE)) and look for your ped's .dff file. Once you find it click on it and it well import to z modler. Once it is finish you well see your ped ALL WHITE with nothing on it but white. Now the next step is on your keyboard press "E" while on zmodler and a lil window well pop up right. Ok dont freak out or do anything stupid just follow ma guide. You well see these two things. "Default" and "sfr3". ((Well im using sfr3 but you use whaever you want)) Click on your ped's file name, my ped's dff name is sfr3 so i click on it. Once you click on it, it well be highlighted, once it is look down and you well see "Texture Layers". Under that there is a empty bar that says nothing but "....", Their just dots well click on that bar and another lil window well pop up. Then on the buttom of that lil window it well say "add", click on dat and look for your ped's texture ((the one you safe from Step SECOND)) and click on that texture once you find it then on the same lil window that poped up click on "OK". Then your Ped should have colors/ texture. So now you can close the lil windows now (( DONT CLOSE Z MODLER THOUGHT)).

FORUTH: Open your photoshop and open your ped's picture again that you save from STEP SECOND. Once you did dat change the image size. Make the Width 512 and Height 1024.
Now you have your peds skin. So all you got to do is mess around with that picture add tattoos
just to test it and save the image everytime you add something to it and z modler well show the changes that you did with the ped's picture everytime you save.


~Sleepy of ...
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PostSubject: Re: Guide on How to Re Skin Peds   Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:44 pm

good..but put here some pictures of installations..that make it easy Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Guide on How to Re Skin Peds   Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:05 pm

WTF Dude this is the first ever EASIEST guide that makes re skinning easy even your baby sister or brother CAN do xD but ill try to post some pics
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PostSubject: Re: Guide on How to Re Skin Peds   

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Guide on How to Re Skin Peds
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