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 Jose_Luiz a.k.a. Loco

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PostSubject: Jose_Luiz a.k.a. Loco   Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:12 pm

Jose born in Lourdes in Salvador. He should have elder brother.
Jose's mother worked as a shop-assistant with vegetables.
At night worked in night club as hustler. Jose never see his
father. Just on photo. His father moved out to Los Santos.
In Jose's 11 Year, his elder brother too moved out to Los Santos
in order to find our father. Year ran away as water and Jose
celebrates his birthday. After day he learn as though his
brother is dead. Someone give em bullet into head. Jose
forbore communicate. He left school and learned something
about life on the street. In his 16 years he left his mother and
start travel to Los Santos. He want to discover who killed his
brother. When he got off into Los Santos, he began search for
information about his brother or his father. Someone give em
a information about his father. His father worked at the factory
at the Docks. Jose go find em.
Present Day

Jose found his father in one of factory at the docks.
By the gate was two guys. Themselves do not look like friendly.

*Jose coming to two guys.*

Jose says: Ola, i searchin' fo' one man of dere. His name is Ricardo Luiz.

*Two guys dont say anything. Just caught Jose and take him to
man in the middle of one room.*

Guard1 says: Sir Ricardo, we have him.
Ricardo says: Really? Where you are find em?
Guard2 says: He came alone. He asked up to you.
Jose says: Padre?

*Jose is surprised.*
*Ricardo gives a nod to guards.*
*Guards gone.*

Jose says: Father, i find you. Finally.
Ricardo says: My Son, my dear son Jose. Que are you doin' here?
Jose says: Iam here to find you. We need you padre. My brother is dead.
Ricardo says: I know, i know.
Jose says: Que? Tu' 'now dat?
Ricardo says: I see him.
Jose says: He was dere?
Ricardo says: Yes, but i give em a surprise.

*Jose misunderstand.*

Ricardo says: I give em bullet into head.
Jose shouts: Que? You kill em? Why?
Ricardo says: Business son, business.
Jose shouts: Tu' are bastard! I call police on you!
Ricardo says: No you dont call anyone.

*Ricardo roll his shirt up and take his Handgun into hand and aim that gun onto Jose.*

Jose says: Por favor, padre don' do dat.
Ricardo says: Sorry son, its for business.

*You can hear big explosion, back door gone*

S.W.A.T.1 shouts: Police, drop your weapon and hit the floor!
S.W.A.T.2 shouts: Drop your weapon and put the fucked hands up!
S.W.A.T.3 shouts: Drop your weapon, drop your weapon, now!

*Jose hit the floor.*
*Ricardo starts shooting on the swat team.*

At the same time someone destroy the window on the roof.

*Sniper shooted Ricardo into shoulders.*
*Ricardo drop his gun and fall on the floor.*

S.W.A.T.2 shouts: Dont stand up!
S.W.A.T.1 says: You have right to do not speak, if you say something, that can be used against you. You can call lawyer.
S.W.A.T.2 shouts: Someone take the fucked gun!

*S.W.A.T. cuffed him and cuffed Jose too.*

After one day Jose left the police station. He
began new life.
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Jose_Luiz a.k.a. Loco
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